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08-12/06/2015 - London, UK

Path to 5G i-Workshop

15-17/06/2015 - BONN, DE



29/06 - 02/07/2015 - paris, france

Project presentation


COMBO (COnvergence of fixed and Mobile BrOadband access/aggregation networks) is a European Union FP7 ICT Integrated Project, undertaken by 16 partners over a period of three and a half years, starting January 1st, 2013, with over 9 million Euros in funding, of which almost 6 million Euros are funded by the EU. COMBO will (see Deliverables) propose and investigate new integrated approaches for Fixed / Mobile Converged (FMC) broadband access / aggregation networks for different scenarios (dense urban, urban, rural). 

The COMBO project and research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) in the ICT area, under grant agreement n° 317762.