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D. Breuer, E. Weis, S. Gosselin, T. Mamouni,

J. Torrijos Gijon

Unified Access and Aggregation Network Allowing Fixed and Mobile Networks to Converge Link
FuNeMS 2013 S. Gosselin, T. Mamouni, P. Bertin, J. Torrijos, D. Breuer, E. Weis, J.-C. Point Converged fixed and mobile broadband networks based on Next Generation Point of Presence Link
IEEE GreenCom 2013 P. Dini, M. Miozzo, N. Bui, N. Baldo Model to Analyze the Energy Savings of Base Station Sleep Mode in LTE HetNets Link
ECOC 2013 R. Martinez, R. Casellas, R, Muñoz, R. Vilalta Experimental evaluation of delay-sensitive traffic routing in multi-layer (packet-optical) aggregation networks for fixed mobile convergence Link
ONDM 2013 N. Carapellese, M. Tornatore, A. Pattavina Placement of Base-Band Units (BBUs) over Fixed/Mobile Converged Multi-Stage WDM-PONs Link
IEEE ANTS 2013 P. Varga, P. Olaszi LTE core network testing using generated traffic based on models from real-life data Link

S. Gosselin, J. De Biasio, M. Feknous,

T. Mamouni, J. Torrijos Gijon, L. Cucala,

D. Breuer, E. Weis, F. Geilhardt, D. v. Hugo,

E. Bogenfeld, A. Hamidian, N. Fonseca, Y. Liu,

S. Kuehrer, A. Gravey, A. Mitcsenkov, J.V. Galán,

E. Masgrau, L. Gómez, L. Alonso, S. Höst, A. Magee

Fixed and Mobile Convergence: Needs and Solutions Link
CCSCI 2014 (International conference on communication systems and computational intelligence) M. Feknous, B. Le Guyader, and A. Gravey Revisiting Access and Aggregation Network Architecture Link
ONDM 2014 A. Mitcsenkov, T. Cinkler Topology-dependent selective and partial protection of optical access networks Link

A. Gravey, P. Gravey, M. Morvan,

B. Uscumlic, L. Sadeghioon

QoS of Optical Packet Metro networks Link
WCNC 2014 X. Lagrange Very Tight Coupling between LTE and Wi-Fi for Advanced Offloading Procedures Link
ICC2013 J. Araujo, F. Giroire, Y. Liu Energy Efficient Content Distribution Link
ICC2013 Y. Liu, J. Geurts Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over CCN: A Caching and Overhead Analysis Link
15. ITG-Fachtagung "Photonische Netze" 2014 C. Behrens, R. Hülsermann, D. Breuer FMC traffic model for aggregation networks Link
FuNeMS 2013

P. Chanclou, A. Pizzinat, F. Le Clech,

T.Reedeker, Y.Lagadec, F. Saliou,

B.LeGuyader, L.Guillo, Q.Deniel,

S. Gosselin, S.D.Le, T.Diallo,

R. Brenot, F.Lelarge, L.Marazzi,

P.Parolari, M.Martinelli,

S.O'Dull, S.A.Gebrewold,

D.Hillerkuss, J.Leuthold,

G.Gaviolo, P.Galli

Optical fiber solution for mobile fronthaul to achieve Cloud Radio Access Network Link
ICC2014 G. Verticale, M. Tornatore Using Replicated Video Servers for VoD Traffic Offloading in Integrated Metro/Access Networks Link
NMTS2014 G. Verticale On the Tradeoff between Performance and User Privacy in Information Centric Networking Link
Networks 2014

A. Buttaboni, M. De Andrade, M. Tornatore

Dynamic Bandwidth and Wavelength Allocation with Coexistence of Transmission Technologies in TWDM PONs Link
ECOC 2013 K. Grobe Access Networks Based on Tunable Transmitters (Invited) Link
FuNeMS 2013 A. Pattavina Towards a Convergent Fixed-mobile Access-aggregation Infrastructure for Energy-efficient Broadband Networking: the COMBO project Link
ECOC 2014 M. Tornatore An Energy Consumption Comparison of Different Mobile Backhaul and Fronthaul Optical Access Architectures Link

N. Baldo, R. Martinez,

P. Dini, R. Vilalta, M. Miozzo,

R. Casellas, R. Muñoz

A Testbed for Fixed Mobile Convergence Experimentation: ADRENALINE-LENA Integration Link

M. Feknous, T. Houdoin, B. Le Guyader,

J. De Biasio, A. Gravey, J. Torrijos Gijon

Internet Traffic Analysis: A Case Study From Two Major European Operators Link

J. Andersson, S. Höst,

D. Cederholm, M. Kihl

Analytic Model for Cross-Layer Dependencies in VDSL2 access networks Link
ICTON 2014

J. Czékus, P. Megyesi,

A. Mitcsenkov, D. Mazroa

Hardware Cost and Capacity Analysis of Future TDM- and WDM-PON Access Networks Link
CogInfoCom 2013

T. Cinkler, A. Ladanyi, R. Beres,

A. Mitcsenkov, G. Paksy, B. Molnar,

R. Ando

Energy-Availability-QoS Trade-off for Future Converged Fixed-Mobile Networks Link
EuCNC 2014 Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange Virtual residential gateways: Architecture and performance Link
EW2014 Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange, A. Gravey A Survey of Available Features for Mobile Traffic Offload Link
LatinCom2014 G. Verticale, M. Tornatore Energy-Efficient VoD Content Delivery and Replication in Integrated Metro/Access Networks Link
EW2014 P. Varga, P. Olaszi Traffic modeling methods to support performance management in FMC scenarios n/a
ONDM 2014

A. Triki, R. Aparicio-Pardo,

P. Gavignet, E. Le Rouzic,

B. Arzur, A. Gravey

Is It Worth Adapting Sub-Wavelength Switching Control Plane to Traffic Variations Link

D. Thierno, A. Pizzinat, 

P. Chanclou, F. Saliou, 

F. Deletre, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot

Jitter impact on mobile fronthaul links Link
Eunice 2014 S. Eido, A. Gravey How much LTE traffic can be offloaded? Link
Eunice 2014

P. Mitharwal,

C. Lohr, A. Gravey

Survey on Network Interface Selection in Multihomed Mobile Networks Link
HPSR 2015

S. Eido, P. Mitharwal,

C. Lohr, A. Gravey

MPTCP Solution for Seamless Local SIPTO Mobility Link
ICTON 2015

A. Mitcsenkov,

P. Ratkóczy, T. Cinkler

Minimal Cost Availability Improvement of Fixed Mobile Convergent (FMC) Access Networks: Diversification and Redundancy Link
EuCNC 2015

T. Mamouni,

J. Torrijos Gijón,

P. Olaszi, X. Lagrange

Universal AAA for hybrid accesses Link
EuCNC 2015

T. Diallo, B. Le Guyader,

A. Pizzinat, S. Gosselin,

P. Chanclou, F. Saliou,

A. Abdelfattath,

C. Aupetit-Berthelemot

A Complete Fronthaul CWDM Single Fiber Solution including Improved Monitoring Scheme Link
HPSR 2015

Y. Li, Y. Hadjadj-Aoul,

P. Bertin, G. Rubino

Control Theory Based Interface Selection Mechanism in Fixed-Mobile Converged Network n/a
EuCNC 2015 Ricard Vilalta, et. Al. The Need for a Control Orchestration Protocol in Research Projects on Optical Networking Link
ECOC 2015

R. Martinez, R. Vilalta,

R. Casellas, R. Muñoz

Experimental Validation of a SDN Orchestrator for the Automatic Provisioning of Fixed and Mobile Services Link
ONDM 2015

A. Buttaboni, M. De Andrade, M. Tornatore, A. Pattavina

Virtual PON Assignment for Fixed-Mobile Convergent Access-Aggregation Networks Link
ECOC 2015

N. Carapellese, M. Tornatore, A. Pattavina, S. Gosselin

BBU Placement over a WDM Aggregation Network Considering OTN and Overlay Fronthaul Transport Link
ITG Conference Photonic Networks K. Grobe WDM-PON with Wavelength-Routed ODN – Pros’n’Cons Link
EuCNC 2015

Z. Li, Y. Liu, J.C. Point, S. Ciftci, O. Eker,

M. Savi, M. Tornatore, G. Verticale

Shared Cache as a Service in Future Converged Fixed and Mobile Network Link
IEEE CLOUDNET conference

M. De Andrade, M. Tornatore,

A. Pattavina, A. Hamidian,

K. Grobe

Cost Models for Baseband Unit (BBU) Hotelling: from Local to Cloud n/a
HPSR 2015

Z. Li, J.C. Point, S. Ciftci, O. Eker,

M. Savi, G. Mauri, G. Verticale

ICN Based Shared Caching in Future Converged Fixed and Mobile Network Link

A. Rostami, K. Wang,

Z. Ghebretensaé, P. Öhlén, B. Skubic

First Experimental Demonstration of Orchestration of Optical Transport, RAN and Cloud based on SDN Link
IEEE NFV-SDN Conference 2015 M. Savi, M. Tornatore, G. Verticale Impact of Processing Costs on Service Chain Placement in Network Functions Virtualization Link
HPSR 2015

A. Magee, S. Gosselin, D. Breuer,

J. Torrijos, K.Grobe

A Modern Approach to Fixed Mobile Convergence on the Universal Access Gateway n/a
NOF 2015 M. Feknous, A. Gravey, B. Le Guyader Status Reporting versus Non Status Reporting Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Link
HPSR 2015 Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange, S. Höst, T. Monatt On connection Control and Traffic Optimisation in FMC Networks n/a
CCNC 2016 Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange, A. Gravey Performance analysis of LTE-WiFi very tight coupling n/a
CCNC 2016 Y.Li, Y.Hadjadj-Aoul, P.Bertin, G.Rubino A control theoretic strategy for intelligent interface selection in heterogeneous network environments Link
OFC 2016

Z. Tayq, P. Chanclou, T. Diallo,

K. Grzybowski, F. Saliou,

S. Gosselin, O. Foucault,

C. Aupetit, L. Bellot, T

. Boukour, J.-C. Plumecoq,

J. Sayed

Performance demonstration of fiber and wireless fronthaul combination with remote powering Link
OFC 2016

R. Martinez, A. Mayoral, R. Vilalta,

R. Casellas, R. Muñoz,

S. Pachnicke, T. Szyrkowiec, A. Autenrieth

Integrated SDN/NFV Orchestration for the Dynamic Deployment of Mobile Virtual Backhaul Networks over a Multi-layer (Packet/Optical) Aggregation Infrastructure Link

M.Savi , O.Ayoub , F.Musumeci,

Z.Liy, G.Verticale ,


Energy-Efficient Caching for Video-on-Demand in Fixed-Mobile Convergent Networks Link
EuCnC 2016

Z. Tayq, B. Le Guyader, P. Chanclou,

S. Gosselin, D. Abdourahmane,

D.-P. Venmani, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot,

S. Pachnicke, M. Eiselt, A. Autenrieth, J. Elbers

Fronthaul Performance Demonstration in a WDM-PON-Based Convergent Network n/a
ECOC 2016

R.Vilalta, A.Mayoral, R.Casellas, R.Martínez, R.Muñoz

Experimental demonstration of distributed multi-tenant cloud/fog and heterogeneous SDN/NFV orchestration for 5G services n/a
ECOC 2016

Z. Tayq, L. Anet-Neto, P. Chanclou, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot

Experimental Real Time AMCC Implementation for Fronthaul in PtP WDM-PON n/a
ECOC 2016

A. Mayoral, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas,

R. Martínez, R. Muñoz

Multi-tenant 5G Network Slicing Architecture with Dynamic Deployment of Virtualized Tenant Management and Orchestration (MANO) Instances n/a
ECOC 2016

F. Musumeci, M. Tornatore, A. Pattavina

A Techno-Economic Outlook to Optical-Interface Requirements for Midhauling of 5G Small Cells n/a
VTC-16 Fall

Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange, A. Gravey

TCP performance for practical implementation of very tight coupling between LTE and WiFi n/a

Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange, A. Gravey

Very Tight Coupling Between LTE and WiFi: From Theory To Practice n/a
ICTON 2016

M. Savi, A. Hmaity, G. Verticale,

S. Höst, M. Tornatore

To Distribute or Not to Distribute? Impact of Latency on Virtual Network Function Distribution at the Edge of FMC Networks n/a
SoftCom 2016

S. Höst, W. Tärneberg, P. Ödling,

M. Kihl, M. Saviy, M. Tornatore

Network Requirements for Latency-Critical Services in a Full Cloud Deployment n/a



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