Workshop Presentations


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FuNeMS 2013

D. Breuer, S. Gosselin, J. Torrijos,

J.-C. Point

Challenges in mutualization of Fixed and Mobile networks n/a
Seminar at University of California, Davis M. Tornatore The Role of Optical Networks in the Big Data Era Link
MPLS World Congress 2013 A. Magee MPLS & SDN Intersections Link
Seminar at University of California, Davis M. Tornatore Energy Efficient BaseBand Units (BBU) Placement in a Fixed/Mobile Converged WDM Aggregation Network Link
New Telecom Network Architectures for the Cloud Era M. Tornatore New Telecom Network Architectures for the Cloud Era - An inter EU-projects workshop Link
EuCNC 2014

J.-C. Point,

S. Bregni, A. Pattavina

Fixed-Mobile Convergent Networks: Solutions and Architectures Proposed in FP7 n/a
EuCNC 2014 S. Gosselin COMBO – Network scenarios for Fixed Mobile Convergence n/a
OFC/NFOEC 2014 A. Pizzinat How D-RoF has Established as the Natural Choice for Mobile Front-haul Transport; n/a
Cloud RAN 2014

T. Diallo, A. Pizzinat,

P. Chanclou, F. Saliou,

F. Deletre, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot

Jitter Impact on Radio Frequency Accuracy Budget in C-RAN Architecture Link
EuCNC 2015

S. Gosselin,

D. Breuer, S. Krauss, J. Torrijos Gijon, A. Hamidian

Unified Network Architecture Integrating Back/Front-hauling with Fixed Access Link
Seminar at Trinity College Dublin M. Tornatore Optical access/aggregation architectures for Centralized Radio Access Networks (C-RANs)  Link
ECOC 2015 S. Pachnicke NFV-based Universal Access for converged fixed and mobile broadband access/aggregation networks Link
FSAN Workshop 2015 P. Chanclou Presentation of mobile evolution and impact on optical access network n/a
RAN World 2015 P. Chanclou Changes, Challenges and Case studies in the fronthaul network for C-RANs n/a
MWC 2016 R.Vilalta, A.Mayoral, R.Casellas, R.Martinez, R.Muñoz Distributed multi-tenant cloud/fog and heterogeneous SDN/NFV orchestration for 5G services n/a
5G-PPP Workshop on Architecture S. Gosselin, B. Skubic Experimental Real Time AMCC Implementation for Fronthaul in PtP WDM-PON n/a
1st International Workshop on Elastic Networks Design and Optimisation (ELASTICNETS 2016) R. Martinez, A. Mayoral, M. Requena, N. Baldo, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas, M. Miozzo, R. Muñoz, J. Mangues Application of SDN-based orchestration for the automated deployment of fixed and mobile convergent services in future 5G networks Link
Ericsson University Day 2016 T. Cinkler, Á. Ladányi, A. Mitcsenkov 5G MultiOperator Network Sharing Scenarios n/a
CORES Y. Khadraoui, X. Lagrange, A. Gravey Very Tight Coupling between LTE and WiFi: a Practical Analysis n/a
EuCNC 2016 J.-C. Point, S. Gosselin, D. Breuer, J. Torrijos COMBO architectures for fixed and mobile network integration in 5G n/a
EuCNC 2016 D. Breuer, J. Torrijos, B. Skubic, S. Kraus, J.-P. Elbers Backhaul/Fronthaul for future 5G transport - COMBO perspective n/a
OECCPS R. Vilalta,R. Casellas, R. Martinez, R. Muñoz Optical Network Virtualization as a Enabler for 5G Network Slicing Link
ICTON 2016 5G Transport WS WP3 partners Fixed mobile convergence: The COMBO vision n/a
Mobile Cloud Workshop M. Tornatore COMBO presentation to MCW Link



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