COMBO Demo Results - 28 April 2016




The demonstration featured improved multi-access user experience enabled by advanced virtualized network functions such as universal authentication, universal data path management and reactive content distribution. Also, distributed and centralized NG-POP scenarios have been illustrated, supported by an integrated wavelength-based optical infrastructure through an 18-km fibre ring around Lannion. This demo event fully reached its technical and dissemination objectives, with fruitful experimental results and about 40 external visitors. The various booths shown at this demo event have also been video-recorded, so as to allow further dissemination of COMBO experimental outcomes and vision on integration of fixed and mobile networks for 5G architecture.



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Title (link to PDF of slides) Description URL to video
Introduction COMBO introduction, including project vision and agenda of demo event

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COMBO Architectural Concepts and Outcomes Architectural outcomes of COMBO project on both transport and functional aspects. Key project concepts are explained here: NG-POP, integration of backhaul/fronthaul with fixed access, Universal Access Gateway, universal Authentication, universal Data Path Management!

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Distributed NG-POP

NG-POPs are distributed in main central offices. dNG-POP features optical access nodes, Base Band Units of mobile access nodes, Universal Access Gateway (unified subscriber IP edge) and local application services. Vimeo link
Centralized / Distributed NG-POP Features a virtual mobile core within the distributed NG-POP scenario, and illustrates the unified SDN orchestrator for automatically configuring a multi-layer aggregation network within the context of centralized NG-POP scenario. Vimeo link
universal Authentication and Data Path Management Features Alice’s experience in multi-access situations, enabled by universal authentication and data path management. Vimeo link
universal Data Path Management and Caching Features Alice’s experience enabled by uDPM Decision Engine and uDPM-enabled reactive content distribution in multi-access situations. Vimeo link



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